Dr Julie Morrissy is a poet, critic and academic from Dublin. She has lived at different times in Montréal, Toronto, Minneapolis and San Francisco. Julie enjoys living in places where her human rights are respected. 


Ruth Morrissy holds an MA in the History of Totalitarianism, Her primary interest is Stalinist Russia. She has travelled the world extensively and speaks Spanish. Ruth is a fan of equality, reading and Eddie Rockets.


Dr. Laura Lovejoy is a postdoctoral fellow working on Irish modernism and reproductive politics. Through her research, Laura can reveal that James Joyce would have repealed the 8th.



Paula Cullen is a musician and feminist from Dublin. She has toured the world as a member of Dublin band The Chalets & more recently September Girls. Paula studied journalism and hairdressing before deciding that working in a record shop would have the least possible impact on her social life.