We Love Our Photographers!

Our huge thanks to all of the photographers who have collaborated with us on this round of X-ile Project shoots! We have taken photographs in the north, south, east and west of Ireland, Northern Ireland - and even as far as Canada! We are especially pleased with how far-reaching the campaign has been in this round of photographs. This would not be possible without the enthusiasm and generosity of photographers and pro-choice groups around the country and the world. 

We are delighted to have photographs by Emma Campbell (Belfast), Saibh Egan (Galway), Katie Kavanagh (Dublin), Rachel McIntyre (Dublin/Donegal), Megan Moore (Montréal), Kate Nolan (Dublin) and Sheng Peng (UK). The shoots have been really fun and we have enjoyed having some sunshine this time. The support for X-ile Project continues to build and that is evident by the growing number of participants, photographers and other collaborators.

Check out the new photographers who have joined us for the third group of photographs, and what they have to say about working on X-ile Project.

Kate Nolan is an Irish visual artist focused on extended photographic stories that examine the nature of identity within "in-between" spaces. In September 2014 she published an artist's book of her long-term work, 'Neither', which explores the dreams and fears of women in the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. Her work has been exhibited internationally as well as held in public and private collections in Japan, USA, France, Portugal, Mexico, UK and Ireland.

"Being part of this project that puts an everyday face to abortion and helps break the stigma, has reminded me of what a powerful and positive tool photography can be.  X-ile Project gives women a platform to confront this stigma and show the reality and normality of abortion."





Katie Kavanagh is a Dublin-based photographer with 5 years of experience. She also holds a degree in Graphic Design. Katie has never met a bag of crisps she didn't like. 


"I loved meeting the participants and telling their story with my images. It can be a very powerful connection between a photographer and their subject. Very little needs to be said."



Saibh Egan is a Graphic Designer, Fashion Photographer and creative blogger from Galway. Having worked in the area of media in Galway for about ten years, she thrives on helping people unlock their talents and helping them to realise their dreams. Saibh’s core personal ethos is for people to support each other and share knowledge.

"The idea of actually putting faces to the statistics around abortion in Ireland really fascinated me. Its says to the world 'Here we are! We are real people, not just statistics!'. I really enjoyed collaborating with X-ile Project on these personal portraits as I got to meet some fantastic women in the process. Any project that brings people together as well as highlights a worthy cause or stance is always something I enjoy."



Megan Moore is a Montreal based photographer and video artist. Her work has been featured as part of Montreal's 2014 Art Souterrain Festival and as a part of Northern Ireland's Royal Ulster Academy 134th Annual Exhibition. In 2015 she won the Montreal Emerging Photographer award from Le Cabinet and the PPDA photo diploma award second prize in Poznan Poland. Moore graduated from her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Concordia University in the spring of 2015 with great distinction and is an MFA candidate at the University of Guelph's studio arts program class of 2018.

"I'm happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to X-ile project. Photography is a medium with the power to subvert and reclaim representation particularly for marginalised groups. X-ile project utilizes photography's inherent power to give a face to the abortion rights movement in Ireland allowing the viewer to recognize that reproductive rights are an every-day and real experience."