One Year of X-ile Project!

Earlier this year, on December 10th, we celebrated one year of X-ile Project. Our thanks to everyone who has made our campaign a success in 2016. This year our team of photographers grew and we have been able to expand our project throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland and abroad.

Thank you to our photographers: Siobhán Butler (Dublin), Emma Campbell (Belfast), Rebecca Cooke, Saibh Egan (Galway), Katie Kavanagh (Dublin), Rachel McIntyre (Dublin/Donegal), Megan Moore (Montréal), Kate Nolan (Dublin), Alice O'Connor (Cork), Katie O'Neill (Dublin), Sheng Peng, Sue Rainsford (Dublin) and Leanne Rigney (Dublin).

Thanks to Kirstyn Byrne's generous efforts, we were able to revamp our website and logos. Kirstyn designed our new logo, #facethe50 gif and website features as well as posters and flyers. We also had a very successful fundraising gig in Bello Bar with September Girls, Sissy, Alien She and (m)haol donating their time and talent. Big thanks to everyone who came out to the sold-out gig and gave money to support X-ile Project and to Bello Bar for hosting us. 

Our #facethe50 campaign is going strong. We took our 45th photograph for the gallery this month. We are always looking for new participants -- just 5 more to get to 50! Once we reach our goal of 50, we will publish the next group of photographs bringing the gallery from our current 33 to 50 photographs. 

We'd like to welcome two of our newer collaborators who have worked with us over the last few months for our ongoing #facethe50 group. Thanks again to everyone involved in X-ile Project who give their time, skills, energy, support and talent -- a truly amazing community effort!

Kirstyn Byrne is a Dublin-born designer and photographer pursuing a Food Design Masters in Brussels. Within the realm of design, social design is what excites and inspires her most. Having studied graphic design in the National College of Art and Design, and having gained industry experience working in Design Factory, she now enjoys putting her creativity to good use where she can.

"It’s all too rare that a young designer gets to work for a cause they truly believe in and that is the position I found myself in, getting to design for X-ile Project. I’m passionate about rights and getting involved in the project has given me a taste for activism and made me realise it’s possible to apply what skills we have to the causes we believe in. It was hugely rewarding to watch from abroad as posters I designed marched down Dublin streets in protest!"



Butler Photographic are two Irish photographers, who specialise in social documentary & travel photography. Siobhán has been repping Butler Photographic on the X-ile Project collaboration. They are just back from an expedition to Iran, to document life inside this mystical country and their latest photographic collection is entitled, "Female Perspectives ~ Women of Substance", which documents strong & inspirational women from different backgrounds, places and professions. They are deeply passionate about the art of storytelling through imagery. If they had to describe themselves in three words it would be: Photographers ~ Explorers ~ Storytellers!

"As a photographer, when this type of project comes along you grab it with two hands as it is one of those rare and wonderful opportunities to use your medium to expose truth and reality. X-ile Project is so unique because it personalises the issue of abortion with the use of personal portraits. It is a riveting concept and I am delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with the participants and women behind X-ile project!"