X-ile Project's Year in the Press

We are thrilled with the wonderful support and enthusiasm that greeted X-ile Project in 2015. In just its first three weeks our website has had over 20,000 visits!

We have compiled a list below of our media coverage since our launch on December 10th.

Our most heartfelt thanks to our groundbreaking participants! Here's to 2016 and our next group of photographs!

Happy New Year from Julie, Ruth, Katie, Paula and Laura


Daily Life - "Irish women who've had to travel overseas for an abortion are going public for the X-ile Project"


Politico - "Irish women go public against abortion stigma"


France 24 - "A Brave Move: Irish women who have had abortions abroad tell their stories online"

Konbini - "En images: ces femmes irlandaise obligées s'exiler pour avorter"

Le Figaro Madame - "Irlande: un project photo met un visage sur les femmes exilées pour avorter"

Le Parisien - "Irlande: obligées de s'exiler pour avorter"


VagaBomb - "This Website Helps Demolish the Abortion Stigma for Women in Ireland"


DCU FM - "Abortion and the X-ile Project"

Irish Times - "Róisín Ingle on...free, legal and safe mugs"

Herald - "Project puts faces to the anonymous 12 who travel for abortion every day"

Lovett - "Irish Women Go Public On Abortion For Human Rights Day"

Shemazing - "Irish women who had abortions share their stories - and their photos"

The Journal - "Irish women who travelled abroad are sharing their faces to 'destigmatise abortion'"

Totally Dublin - "Roadmap", December 2015 Issue (Print)


Left - "Project X-ile, le irlandesi ci mettono la faccia per chiedere la legalizzazione dell'aborto"

The Post Internazionale - "I Volti Delle Donne Che Per Abortire Hanno Dovuto Lasciare L'Irlanda"


Wysokieobcasy - "Wyjechały do Anglii żeby zrobić aborcję, teraz pokazują się w internecie"


Buzzfeed - "Irish Women Who Had Abortions Are Sharing Photos Of Themselves Online"

Hearst Magazine - "These Irish Women Flew To Britain For Abortions"

Marie Claire - "The X-ile Project: Helping Make The Case For Abortion In Ireland"

Mashable - "Irish women defy abortion stigma with their portraits - and refuse to be ashamed"

Refinery 29 - "Meet The Women Fighting For Abortion Rights In Ireland"

The Guardian - "Pro-choice Irish women go public on being 'exiled' by need for an abortion"

The Irish Post - "Irish women go public and share their stories in pro-choice campaign"

The Pool - "Irish women who had abortions say 'I was exiled'"

The Telegraph - "Meet the Irish Women Bravely Breaking the Abortion Taboo"


The New York Times - "Irish Women Who Had Abortions Show Their Faces Online"

The New York Times - "Irish women forced to go abroad go public"

Queens Free Press - "Welcoming X-iles Home: New Project Works to Change Conversation on Abortion in Ireland"

Refinery 29 - "How These Women Are Ending The Stigma Around Abortion One Photo At A Time"